Shopping Centre Tycoon

Shopping Centre Tycoon 1.0

In Shopping Centre Tycoon you will manage shopping centers in Europe
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Virtual Playground

Shopping Centre Tycoon is a game where you will manage shopping centers in Europe.
This game was developed by Virtual Playground, and published by Deep Silver. Nowadays is sold through

You can choose where to build your shopping centre from 3 European cities: London, Paris or Berlin.

Playing in the Scenario Mode you will need to face a series of different challenges. In the Box mode, you´ll just have to build your mall.

You will have to construct your centre and add a variety of shops, such as fashion outlets, beauty parlors, mobile phone shops or fast food takeaways.

You can add decorative objects such as rides, fountains and sculptures, to enhance your aesthetic reputation and attract more shoppers.

It´s up to you to manage not only the aesthetic aspect, but your finances, hiring & firing staff, raising or lowering rents and adjusting advertising costs.

The shoppers are split into various age groups, each with their own personal shopping needs & preferences. You will need to analyse your shoppers to cater for these needs and maximize your income.

You will also have to take measures to defend your creation from thieves & vandals, by negotiating security contracts, adding security cameras and employing security teams to remove unwanted characters.

The game can be installed in English, French or German.

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  • It´s a very addictive strategy game, with great 3D graphics and nice music


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